All of our courses follow Avalanche Canada's AST curriculum guidelines.  Little Cedar Services is a licensed AST Provider.  Our instructors have a wealth of experience, local knowledge and a casual, friendly teaching style that makes courses fun and informative.

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AST (Avalanche Skills Training) 1

Ski/Snowboard - $295 + GST; Sled - $335 + GST

Looking to get into the backcountry on a sled, skis or splitboard?  AST 1 is the place to start.  Courses are run in the Terrace area at Shames Mountain or local riding areas such as Mt. Claque and Sterling.  Minimum 4, maximum 8 students per instructor.

The AST 1 curriculum includes:

  • Basics of avalanche formation and triggering

  • Use the Avaluator 2.0 to understand avalanche risk in the backcountry

  • Identifying avalanche terrain

  • Companion rescue

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MAT (Managing Avalanche Terrain)

$150 + GST

Taken AST 1 and looking to travel more confidently in the backcountry?  MAT is the course for you.  This field focused course gets you a field-day with a CAA Professional Member to pick apart travel routes while you are in terrain.

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AST (Avalanche Skills Training) 2

$550 + GST

Have some backcountry sledding or touring experience and want to take your skills farther?  AST 2 is a skill builder that can take you to the next level.  AST 1 is a prerequisite for AST 2.  Students may also find that at least a season or two between AST 1 and 2 will help develop understanding for concepts delivered in AST 2.  AST 2 courses are offered as custom bookings.  Minimum 4, maximum 8 students per course. 

The AST 2 curriculum includes:

  • Using the Avaluator 2.0 as a decision making tool in avalanche terrain

  • Route finding in avalanche terrain

  • Applying appropriate travel technique for conditions

  • Proficient companion rescue

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Companion Rescue

$150 + GST

Companion rescue courses are a great refresher for those who have taken AST courses and want to keep their skills sharp.  Companion rescue courses are offered as custom courses.  Topics are dates are up to you!  Minimum 4, maximum 8 students per instructor.

Typical companion rescue topics include:

  • Remote rescue response

  • Multiple burial scenarios

  • Organized group rescue

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